Response to Rolling Stone Article about Camden

I recently read an article by Rolling Stone Magazine Matt Taibbi about my hometown Camden, NJ. The article was very one sided and very dumb to say the least. The article shows a new low by Matt Taibbi desperate attempt for attention. T The editor Matt Taibbi it is hard to take a journalist seriously who acts more like a 1st grader than a man. See to see how immature this guy really is. This is the same guy who got his editor at NY Press fired.
This guy felt the need to recycle an idea for writing a negative about Camden, NJ. Camden, NJ has its issues. As someone who was born, raised, & lives in Camden, NJ there are people and organizations who care about Camden, NJ. No mention was ever made of the positive things that are happening in Camden, NJ. I read this story I think what a child would think about their city. Growing up in Camden, we always heard about the negative things that went on. We were even told that only 50% of us would finish high school. The one thing that we were taught is to have pride in your city and make your city proud. Camden has always had people like the Late Coach Clarence Turner, Coach Martin Booker, and the many teachers, parents, and mentors who work tirelessly for the city of Camden.
The problems in Camden, NJ are plenty lack of jobs then again this is the case in every town in America. The gangs who pollute our neighborhoods and destroy families and people by selling drugs, robbing and killing people. Men who are making babies and not taking care of them or spending time with them. If you are not man enough to care of a child you should not make any children.  We could spend all day talking about them or work to fix them.
I am more than optimistic that in 2014 and beyond Camden, NJ will turn around for the better. It won’t because of someone writing bad things about Camden. It will be because people in the city want to work together to turn it around.