NJ Gas Tax Rebuttal & who voted YES

A local assemblyman posted why he supports the gasoline tax. I have posted a rebuttal.This is the assemblyman’s response to why gasoline tax is a good idea.

The gas tax is how we fund the Transportation Trust Fund which is how we pay for infrastructure projects, road expansions/repaving. With the new constitutional mandate, the gas tax has to go to roads. In the past, we haven’t been the best with maintaining our roads in NJ and we have one of the highest rates of urban and rural roads in need of repair and some of the most congested roads in the entire country. Our poor road conditions beat the crap out of our cars and cause traffic deaths. Having better roads would also mean less spent in car repairs, and from what I’ve seen most would see dollars saved in years to come.
Infrastructure investment is also extremely important for the State’s economy. Nearly 2 million jobs in the state fully depend on a modern infrastructure system. The gas tax hasn’t been raised in over 20 years, and the Governor has already stopped roadwork projects because the fund will be broke by August.

Offsetting the extra cost in the gas tax would be the sales tax reduction. I’ve heard some say this doesn’t seem like a lot but the sales tax applies to so many more items we purchase. I just copy and pasted this from the treasury website but sales tax applies to “receipts from retail sale, rental, or use of tangible personal property or digital property; retail sale of producing, fabricating, processing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing tangible personal property or digital property; maintaining, servicing, or repairing real property; certain direct-mail services; tattooing, tanning, and massage services; investigation and security services; information services; limousine services; sales of restaurant meals and prepared food; rental of hotel and motel rooms; certain admission charges; certain membership fees; parking charges; storage services; sales of magazines and periodicals; delivery charges; and telecommunications services” Its not a simple decision, but it will mean good things for our community.


Good things for the community? What good things. I have spent time talking to business owners, taxi drivers, and other citizens even getting e-mails for a story I was working on the gasoline tax. People working paycheck to paycheck do not see the gasoline tax as a good thing at all. It means the senior citizen who are on fixed income are going to struggle, small businesses will now have to pass on the higher delivery costs to consumers, people who work paycheck to paycheck won’t have any disposable income for going out to eat or anything else. It’s going to encourage more people and businesses to leave the state of New Jersey.

The sales tax is a joke. Long story short when you pay a sales tax you may save a penny. We have the highest property taxes in the nation. We are the 10th most taxed state and now we will be moving up which is a bad thing for New Jersey. The NJ gas tax is a bad idea. There are other ways that the transportation fund could be used. Where is all of the money from tolls going $15 for Holland tunnel and other bridges, Garden state parkway, New Jersey Turnpike. Now, they want to use the gasoline tax to fund Bergen Light Rail didn’t assemblyman Barclay say the money was supposed to go to the road no mention of a light rail.

The gas tax can go up again next year. I spent time talking to people and getting e-mails as well. In 2017 all of the senate & assembly seats are up for re-election. As a democracy we have the chance to change and fix Trenton by voting out the politicians who voted YES. The one thing I have kept hearing from people is that the people are going to forget next year and vote in the same politicians again and again those people are right we do keep voting them back in. Let’s change that next year let’s all work together as people to vote out the politicians who voted YES and vote in new leaders who will vote to repeal the gas tax and work to make New Jersey better for you.

State Senate members voting “Yes:” on GAS TAX HIKE

Addiego, Dawn Burllington R
Beach, James Camden D

Codey, Richard J. Essex D

Cruz-Perez, Nilsa Camden D

Cunningham, Sandra B. Hudson D
Diegnan, Patrick J., Middlesex D
Gordon, Robert M. Bergen D

Greenstein, Linda Mercer D

Kyrillos, Joseph M. Monmouth R
Madden, Fred H. Gloucester D

Oroho, Steven V. Sussex R

O’Toole, Kevin J. Essex R
Pou, Nellie Passaic D

Rice, Ronald L. Essex D
Sacco, Nicholas Hudson D
Sarlo, Paul A. Bergen D

Scutari, Nicholas P. Union D
Singer, Robert W. Ocean R
Smith, Bob Middlesex D
Stack, Brian P. Hudson D

Sweeney, Stephen M. Gloucester D
Vitale, Joseph F. Middlesex D
Weinberg, Loretta Bergen D
Whelan, Jim Atlantic D
State Senate members voting “No”

Allen, Diane B. Burllington R
Bateman, Christopher Somerset R
Beck, Jennifer Monmouth R

Bucco, Anthony R. Morris R
Cardinale, Gerald Bergen R
Connors, Christopher J. Ocean R

Doherty, Michael Hunterdon R

Gill, Nia H. Essex D

Holzapfel, James Ocean R
Kean, Thomas H., Jr. Union R
Lesniak, Raymond J. Union D

Pennacchio, Joseph Morris R
Turner, Shirley K. Mercer D
Van Drew, Jeff Cape May D
State Senate members not voting:

Ruiz, M. Teresa Essex D
Thompson, Samuel Middlesex R
State Assembly members voting “Yes:”

Barclay, Arthur Camden D
Benson, Daniel Mercer D
Bramnick, Jon Union R
Burzichelli, John Gloucester D
Caputo, Ralph Essex D
Caride, Marlene Bergen D
Chaparro, Annette Hudson D
Chiaravalloti, Nicholas Hudson D
Conaway, Herb Burlington D
Coughlin, Craig Middlesex D
Danielsen, Joe Somerset D
DeAngelo, Wayne Mercer D
DeCroce, BettyLou Morris R
Egan, Joseph Middlesex D
Eustace, Timothy Bergen D
Giblin, Thomas Essex D
Greenwald, Louis Camden D
Gusciora, Reed Mercer D
Howarth Joe Burlington R
Jasey, Mila Essex D
Jimenez, Angelica Hudson D
Johnson, Gordon Bergen D
Jones, Patricia Egan Camden D
Karabinchak, Robert Middlesex D
Kean, Sean Monmouth R
Kennedy, James Union D
Lagana, Joseph Bergen D
McKeon, John Essex D
McKnight, Angela Hudson D
Mosquera, Gabriela Camden D
Mukherji, Raj Hudson D
Muoio, Elizabeth Maher Mercer D
O’Scanlon, Declan Monmouth R
Pinkin, Nancy Middlesex D
Pintor Marin, Eliana Essex D
PrietoVincent Hudson D
Rible, David Monmouth R
Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria Burlington R
Schaer, Gary Passaic D
Singleton, Troy Burlington D
Sumter, Shavonda Passaic D
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie Bergen D
Watson, Blonnie R. Essex D
Wimberly, Benjie Passaic D

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