Interview with Selena Santana

I had the chance to catch up with the lovely and down to earth Selena Santana at Exxxotica in Edison where she was in town ready to meet all of her fans.

Angel Alamo: How long have you been in the industry for?

 Selena Santana: Six years


Angel Alamo: What do you like to do in your free time?

Selena Santana: Have sex and travel

Angel Alamo: How did you start in the business?

Selena Santana I was working at Hooters and someone approached me about doing it.

Angel Alamo: Being in the adult industry does it make it more difficult to have a personal relationship?

Selena Santana:  Yes that is why I don’t have anyone right now. I am single and ready to mingle.  

Angel Alamo: What is the toughest part about being in the industry?

 Selena Santana: Dealing with stalkers.

Angel Alamo: What are your future plans?

Selena Santana: Working on my website and feature dancing.

Angel Alamo: What are the most annoying fan e-mails that you receive?

Selena Santana: Being asked for escort and naked pictures.


For more information on Selena Sanchez you can follow her on twitter @Bookselenaxxx




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