Interview with Nyomi Banxxx

Nyomi Banxxx is one of the biggest names in the adult industry. She is also one of the busiest. Nyomi Banxxx was at Exxxotica in Edison, NJ meeting fans and promoting her various of projects that keeps her busy.

Angel Alamo: How long have you been in the industry for?

 Nyomi Banxxx: 10 years

Angel Alamo: What do you like to do in your free time?

  Nyomi Banxxx: I like to build companies. I am an entrepreneur.

Angel Alamo: How did you start in the business?

 Nyomi Banxxx: I did it to raise money for my father. To help raise money for his medical care.

Angel Alamo: Being in the adult industry does it make it more difficult to have a personal relationship?

Nyomi Banxxx: No. It all depends on the individual. It’s hard when you aren’t in the industry.

Angel Alamo: What is the toughest part about being in the industry?

Nyomi Banxxx: The stereotypes that they give to porn stars.

Angel Alamo: Tell me about the clothing line Twisted Cherry Inc.?

Nyomi Banxxx: I teamed up with them. They have a lot of products. Next year I will be launching a lingerie line that is geared towards couples.

Angel Alamo: What are the most annoying fan e-mails that you get?

Nyomi Banxxx: So many of them. This one happened two days ago someone wanted my torn panties.

 For more Information on Nyomi Banxxx:

Twitter: @Iamnyomibanxxx



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