Interview with Mark Zinna candidate for New Jersey Governor


Mark Zinna is a city council President in Tenafly, NJ. Serving now in his 2nd term he has chosen to run for New Jersey Governor. He is seeking the democratic nomination. I had a chance to catch up with Mark Zinna. For more information on Mark Zinna or to volunteer for his campaign you may go to or on facebook


Angel Alamo: Why did you decide to run for New Jersey Governor?


Mark Zinna: I decided to run for Governor because the leaders of our political parties have forgotten the people of this state and it’s time for us to get our priorities straight.  My goal is to bring bold ideas that benefit the people of New Jersey.


AA: Would you repeal the gas tax?


MZ: Yes, I would repeal the gas tax. It’s regressive, and hurts people who can least afford it.


AA: No one has been able to give property tax relief to residents how would you as Governor give property tax relief?


MZ: If we want property tax relief we have to start doing things differently, which is not easy.  The number one obstacle to property tax relief is home rule. We need to strongly encourage smaller towns to merge their services in order to reduce expensive duplication of efforts throughout the state. The second obstacle to property tax relief is school funding, which should be based on income, i.e. your ability to pay, not property taxes.


AA: If elected Governor what are the top three issues that you would take on as Governor?


MZ: Top three issues are:

1) Jobs – rebuild our major cities, Camden, Trenton, Newark and Paterson and create new centers of employment. Build an electric car manufacturing plant in New Jersey.

2) Transportation – Build the new train tunnels between New York and New Jersey. Extend rail lines. Build electric car charging stations throughout the state.

3) Health Care – Create a “Medicare for all” single payer health care system in New Jersey. Health care services will continue to be run by private doctors and hospitals.


AA: If you are not victorious in the primary would you run again in 2021?


MZ: Right now, we are focused only on winning the Democratic primary in June. But, yes, I would run again in 2021.  


AA: What would you say to the voters on why they should vote for you?


MZ: Voters should vote for me because there is a tremendous hunger in New Jersey for a candidate not beholden to big money or entrenched special interests. I am someone willing to propose bold and common sense solutions to the problems that we face in New Jersey.


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