UPDATED August 17, 2019

Rest In Peace Mr. Grosso he was my journalism teacher at Camden High School. He has a major impact on my life even to this day every time I am doing a story I can hear his voice in my head reminding me Angel don’t forget to ask who,when, what, how, and why. I would always forget Mr. Grosso out of love and a lot of patience would remind me more than a 100 times. Mr. Grosso recommended me for journalism camp summer of 1997 where I got a chance to work with reporters from the state and I did my first official music interview with a local band called Jane Doe. It happened because Mr. Grosso went above & beyond to make sure that I got in. Rest In Peace Mr. Grosso thank you for always believing in me thank you for always being there for me in the mornings when I could always come talk to you about anything.

The Movers & Shakers Talk Show premieres August 22, 2019. Very excited and nervous as we get closer to the premiere date.