Interview with Beverly Blue

Angel Alamo: How did you come up with your entertainment name?

Beverly Blue: Well, I had that name since I was a teenager, hanging out in New York City with all the lesbians and gays. I was a lesbian, so that was my little tag name.
AA: How long have you been in the industry for?

BB: I got started around 2008, so definitely over 10 years, almost 12 now.

AA: Wow. Congratulations.

BB: Yeah.

AA: Not many people make it that long in the industry?

BB: Not many. You’ve got to really love what you do.

AA: What’s the best part of your job?

BB: The best part of my job is that I bring fantasies to reality. I love that part.

AA: What is the place would you like to travel to that you still haven’t been to yet?

BB: Europe. I would love that. But I need a friend to take me there.
AA: If I hit the Powerball we’ll make that happen.

BB: Oh, you better.

AA: What is the toughest part about being in the industry?

BB: Dating. It’s so hard. Because the guys are not worried about their income, their worried about their cock. And it’s all right, I just want something average. Just love me for me, baby.

AA: Is it like a jealousy thing, do you think?

BB: Yes, they are jealous. They think I could have any dick in the world, or any rich man. I mean, I probably could, but if I choose you, I choose you.

AA: Yeah. Gosh, be happy.

BB: Thank you.

AA: Some guys can’t even get a woman.

BB: And I love head anyways. Lick it.

AA: Besides events, do you ever get recognized when you’re out in public.

BB: Oh yes, yes. I went to file taxes, got recognized. Grocery shopping, got recognized. Went to go buy some chicken, got recognized. Yeah, it happens, all over.

AA: Do you ever get discounts when they recognize you? Or a freebie?

BB: Yes, definitely. I love discounts, I’ll take anything that’s free.

AA: What are your future plans?

BB: My future plan is to produce more content and not take breaks in between. I want to be on it. So, this is what I’m doing all 2020.

AA: Who would you like to work with in the industry that you still have not worked with?

BB: Oh my gosh, that’s a hard question. I mean, I want  to strap on and fuck me. But, pretty much anybody that wants to work with me, I’m very open to it.

AA:  What are the most annoying fan emails and requests that you get that are just downright annoying?

BB: There’s so many. I’m trying to think of the best one. Most likely its, “Can I get to know you?” You can, call me, call my chatline, webcam with me, book me. You can get to know me on a session. That’s the perfect way to try to get to know me.

AA: Right. And support what you are doing.

BB: That’s right.

AA: What are your favorite places to travel to?
BB: I love the ocean. So, the beach, a nice beach, Clearwater Beach in Florida. I really like that. It takes my mind someplace else and it’s very relaxing.

AA: What’s your favorite type of scenes to do?

BB: Well I love fetish scenes, I love guys worshiping me, worshiping every part of my body. And of course sex. Any type of sex, I love fucking.

AA: The biggest misconception about working in the adult industry?

BB: Working in the adult industry. One is that you can have everyone you want, anyone you want. One is that you always love big dicks. And one is that you don’t have to work too hard. I mean, some days we do have to work too hard, some days it’s not. It’s still work.

AA: After 12 years, what keeps you motivated and what keeps you going?

BB: What keeps me motivated and what keeps me going, I’m passionate. I love it. You know. This is me, I’m doing what makes me happy, and it just so happens that it makes y’all happy too.

AA: Do you listen to any type of music before you do a scene?

BB: You know what, necessarily I don’t, but I love any music. Like this music right here, I could just go on and on with it. I love all music.

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