Real World Jon Brennan album review I ain’t done singin’ yet

Getting to interview Jon Brennan was an adventure for the Metal Summit. The interview was supposed to happen at 11am at Jon’s record label office. Sadly there was a 5 and a half hour delay. Not fun texting Jon about the delay who despite having a busy day where he was doing interviews and also preparing to perform at Rock N Pod. Jon was nice enough to take an hour of his time and do the interview later in the afternoon. Haven’t watch the real world season two you trying to get a feel for how to cast members are in meeting Jon for the first time I was like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen in 30 years. Jon took time to talk about his new EP, share memories of being on the reality show the real world Los Angeles season 2. 

Jon made a major announcement on May 20, 2023 he will returning to the stage to perform at the Shrine in Tulsa, OK. 

When you are coming out with a first single that is your come back single there is no better lyrics than the lyrics to I ain’t done singin’ yet. I’ve been gone for a minute/I’ve been back in the shadows/people are talking wondering where did he go/I kind of disappeared yes that’s true. That is true Jon we’ve been talking and wondering where did you go. The cool thing about the days before social media was that an artist can pretty much disappear for a while and come back where now they have to be active on social media.

It’s a great song and the best song to put out as a first thing especially when you are coming back. 

There’s nothing that I love better than a good song that you could sing along to whether you’re driving or doing something at home a good song to sing along to is always the best. The song Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky. It takes a few listens to memorize the song. After a few listens you will have it memorized. It’s a good upbeat sing-a-long good road song. 

It’s a country EP.  The other songs on the EP I just stood there, I’m only in it for love, and Here in the real song stay true to his old country music roots where although country music may have changed musically Jon finds a way to deliver good country songs and staying true to his roots. I just stood there and there is a good mid-tempo country song that you can relax with your favorite beverage and listen to. The EP has great lyrics the music is great. I can’t wait to see Jon performing the songs live. Good music is good music whether it’s county, rock or pop music. Jon Brennan delivered good music with I ain’t done singin yet.

(47) Live from Rock N Pod 2023: Country singer & Real World cast member Jon Brennan – YouTube

Jon Brennan “From MTV’s The Real World “ The Venue Shrine (


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