Interview with Pro Wrestler Roni Big Bang Nicole



Angel Alamo: What do you enjoy the most about wrestling?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: Wrestling is SUCH an memorable and timeless sport. The combination of athletic prowess, pageantry, storytelling, conflict and victory are lived out in real time inside (and sometimes outside) a wrestling ring. Its truly a marvel to behold. I think what i enjoy most about wrestling is creating one of a kind moments with my opponents and supporters alike. It is always SO validating to look out and SEE the fans reacting to what I do because something we (my opponent and myself) created FOR the patrons to enjoy. Its cathartic and anxious, crippling and liberating. I enjoy being able to weave a story for the crowd to delight or despair in, it’s intoxicating. Seductive. Addictive.

Angel Alamo: What do you enjoy the least?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole :Wrestling definitely follows the 80/20 rile, so knowing that and having the heart-set and mindset that wrestling is a gift and privilege, and not a right? Lessens the sting of some of the more challenging and disappointing moments that come. Even with that proactively positive outlook, difficulties do present themselves. One of the more challenging aspects of professional wrestling are the individuals who disregard the mantle of professionalism and utilize other means for booking opportunities. In turn, the promoters or bookers ignore in-ring skill and focus on ‘favors’ or the buddy system. However, wrestling has become SO broad that now wrestlers have amazing options for weekly or bi-weekly wrestling opportunities.

Angel Alamo: What got you into wrestling?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: I was introduced to Olympic style wrestling at a very young age, I have older family members who were scholastic wrestlers and as a girl I attended these events with my uncles. I was captivated and entertained by the athletes who were relying on mental acuity in order to physically win a contest. It was an enthralling experience and from there the transition into professional wrestling was inevitable.

Angel Alamo: How is wrestling in Japan different and how are the fans over there?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: Wrestling in Japan is different top to bottom, not only the wrestling culture but the entire approach is completely different. From the conditioning to the training regiment Japan takes a integrated approach to professional wrestling that is actually mainstreamed into Japanese society. It is refreshing to see how valued professional wrestling and wrestlers are and how the fans are so supportive and hospitable to this bewitching form of entertainment. The matches are are physically demanding and on each show, each match truly builds to the finish which makes each event it’s own interactive spectacle. The energy in the venues is so electric it’s palpable. I was at first concerned about the language barrier between myself and the other Joshi wrestlers. However, wrestling consistently proves to be universal in both understanding and fundamental principles, it was an easy adjustment after my initial tour there. I loved the passion that is present in EVERY wrestler there, you can see and feel how much they want to be the best and it drives you to do the same.

Angel Alamo: How did you get into wrestling?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: I stumbled into the opportunity to train just by happenstance, even though I had previously searched for professional wrestling training online. I found schools, some credible and some not so credible but all of them required relocation. At the time I was just finishing school and was not prepared to relocate to another city, I felt the situation was turning into a pipe dream of sorts and it was only then, by chance, I was connected with an individual who had aspirations of wrestling promotion who was looking to train a core roster of members. It was then that I began my initial training in Fayetteville, North Carolina with ‘NiteStic’ Eddie Brown and Ring Wars Carolina.

Angel Alamo: Who are your favorite wrestlers?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: Kong| Kyoko Inoue|Manami Toyota| Jazz| Ivory| Eddie Guerrero|Chris Benoit|Undertaker|Owen Hart| 2 Cold Scorpio | Dash Chisako| Meiko Satomura| Mima Shimoda| Minoru Suzuki|Naomichi Marufuji| El Cyclon Negro|

Angel Alamo: You are a model, wrestler, cheerleader, and actress. Where do you find the time to manage doing all of those things?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: Time management 😉

Angel Alamo: What do you do to prepare for a match?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: If I know my opponent ahead of time I will watch their film and study their move-set so that I am familiar with their work. I will also work through any skill or techniques that I’d like to polish before the match in training that week and make sure I’m ‘ring ready’.

Angel Alamo: What are your future plans?

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: Watch and see 😉 But world domination is among them. 🙂

Angel Alamo: What does your motto mean “Life has shown no mercy. So Opponents receive no quarter.”

Roni BIG BANG Nicole: This was my old motto when I was doing the ‘She Hulk’ of the South gimmick. I was referring to the fact that life shows no one, any mercy. You deal with trials and tribulations and yet the world keeps spinning. No-one is immune to the tough lessons that life hands out and therefore, my opponents should expect any mercy from me inside the ring.


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