Def Leggend Live Review

Def Leggend made their way on a snowy weekend to Virginia to play a weekend of shows. The band is known as the next best thing to Def Leppard and they did not disappoint. The band kicked things into high gear by kicking off an 18 song Setlist that included deep cuts and two songs from the Adrenalize  album. The set list was a good mix of the hits and deep cuts. The one thing that Def leggend and Def Leppard will always have a problem with is delivering a setlist that can make everybody happy you’re going to have Fans who just want to hear them play the hits and other fans that want to hear deep cuts. 

rock show by playing rock rock till you draw from the first Noel it was high gear for the band and they kept it up throughout the night. 

Def leggend gets it as far as knowing how to entertain the crowd and the fact that Def Leppard are five guys who can sing background vocals which they all do. Switch625 Was the highlight or do you really see and appreciate how good the musicianship is with the band. The drummer is a bad ass hard hitting drummer. I knew that from the first song and was curious to see how he would play switch 625. 

Def Leggend is a band worth seeing and If you are a promoter a band worth booking. They live up to the name, the songs, and the band. I am not going to write a long review. The best thing to do is go to their website and find out where they are playing and buy a ticket and a t-shirt to a show.

Front Row Promotions interviewed the band before they took the stage.

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