Guns N Roses the last dangerous band

Guns and Roses is the last dangerous rock band that has existed in 30 years to really has been no other band like them.

I was 8 years old when appetite for destruction came out.
That time period 1987-1993 there was no other band like guns n roses.
It is hard to believe that 30 years has passed since the release of Appetite for Destruction in 1987 what was popular was playing it safe what bands would release an album have the big hair the lipstick the makeup and all of that stuff and it was more pop metal than anything in 1987. Here Comes Guns and Roses  the bad guys of metal not playing it safe I’m not giving you a pop metal ballad Slash auditioned for poison and glad he ended up in Guns and Roses with the killer guitar riffs and God bless him one of the best guitarists of our time.
 My mother would not let me see them in concert during use your illusions tour which sucked. The band at the time was known to start riots, they were known for just being a unpredictable group of guys. Everybody wanted to be like them I remember in 1991 very well the world premiere of Guns and Roses you could be mine video and the opening night of the tour a lot of guys were saying and love Guns and Roses I want to be like like Axl and when you’re young you look up to the guys like Guns and Roses that are rebellious against working the day job the setlist would change every night. It would feel like a day job to them to play the same setlist every night
axl would just come on stage whenever he felt like it but when he was onstage it was going to be a great rock show. Since then they’re really has not been another band as dangerous as Guns and Roses I remember Matt Sorum saying in an interview that it was always unpredictable you didn’t know what’s going to happen day to day.  I don’t think there will be another dangerous band Like Guns and Roses social media has pretty much killed that in a way of there’s no mystery anymore to a band. In 1990 nobody know what guns of roses was up to except new music was on the way and Steven Adler was fired there was no preview or anything like that the only thing that came close to being a preview was that you could be mine song and video. I remember not knowing what songs are going to be on the use your illusion albums or what any of the songs sounded like until September 17th 1991 When the albums were released nobody knew the setlist now in the social media age you can go online and find out what was the setlist last night and even now with Guns and Roses no disrespect they kind of play the same set list now which is it where the opposite back then I would prefer a Guns N Roses show in 1991 where I do not know what the setlist is or what songs are going to be played.
Now everyone just seems to be playing it safe and that’s why Guns and Roses there will never be another frontman like Axl Rose there will never be another band to like them that will never be another time like the time that they were popular my opinion we can thank social media.
This year if you can go out and see guns and roses and share the history and the memories of a time when there was a dangerous band there is none today.

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Angel Alamo

I am a journalist at BallBuster Music, Co-Host of The Metal Summit, Producer/Host of On the Road with Angel Alamo, The Movers & Shakers.

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