James Kottak: Rocking & Rolling Forever

SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak has had the career that most drummers would dream. Playing arenas, playing on records with other great musicians. Playing in bands Kingdom Come, Wild Horses, Warrant where he played and co-wrote a few songs on the band’s 1995 album Ultraphobic. He also plays in his own band KOTTAK. For the past 18 years has been the drummer in the SCORPIONS.
Angel Alamo: How was it working with WARRANT on the Ultraphobic album?

James Kottak: That was a very special album for me as I co wrote 3 songs including Family Picnic, the title track.

AA: Why do you think a lot of drummers play with one tom opposed to playing with multiple toms?

JK: I only use one tom with The Scorpions because the music only calls for three…I would use more if needed.

AA: Are you putting out any new Kottak music?

JK: I am always writing songs but KOTTAK is on a break at the moment so I can focus on family, life, and other projects

AA: Which do you prefer playing drums or being a frontman/guitarist?

JK: I enjoy both very much. Fronting a band gives me that rush that i used to get when I first started playing drums like when i was 14 years old!

AA: Is there any city or country that you would love to play at live but haven’t had a chance to play yet?


AA: What are your favorite songs to play live?

JK: I always love BIG CITY NIGHTS!

AA: Are there any songs that have ever presented a challenge for you to play as a drummer?

JK: I sing on almost every song in the Scorpion set…drumming AND singing really kicks my ass sometimes…but i LOVE it!

AA: Growing up who were your favorite drummers? Are there any new drummers that you like?

JK: John Bonham/Led Zep, Don Brewer/Grand Funk Railroad

AA: You spent a lot of years playing with Rick Steier do you guys still keep in touch? Is there any chance of you and Rick doing anything together?

JK: Rick & I talk everyday & live 1/2 a mile from each other…we hang. We are also starting a new project and opening a studio…More on that soon!
For the latest on all things about James Kottak please check out the following sites:
twitter  @jkottak
FB      jameskottak

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