Capitol Wrestling 2nd Anniversary

Capitol wrestling celebrated its second birthday in a very big way on Sunday April 7th 2019. Capitol wrestling broad great Wrestling entertainment to Ridgefield Park New Jersey and if you were there you were not disappointed and if you didn’t show up you need to do yourself a favor check out the next event buy a few tickets and come check out there Wrestling entertainment spectacular that they put on because it is worth every dollar spent. Tickets for the event we’re at $15. If you love wrestling you really need to come to one of their events.

Off the road not too far was MetLife Stadium the site of WrestleMania 35. For fans that love wrestling they got the best of both a great Wrestling entertainment show for ready or not followed by WrestleMania. Just because it is a local wrestling organization the wrestlers are professional they give you 100% to put on a great wrestling event. It was my first time ever attending a wrestling event and for 4 hours in was great entertainment you did not want to miss any second of the day because every match was good every wrestler gave it their all.

I had the opportunity to be at the wrestling event where I arrived three hours before showtime and saw the wrestlers we’re already there preparing the ring was already set up. it was a nice family atmosphere among the wrestlers who were nice to each other.

The wrestling matches were action packed. In one match the action was happening outside of the ring. Tickets were $15. The matches are still exciting. It is worse seeing this was a 3 hour wrestling show for a family of four $60 and free parking.

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