Angel Alamo resigns as Camden Parking Authority Commissioner

I am resigning from Camden parking authority effective July 1, 2021. I served as Chairman during a turbulent time at the parking authority between 2009 and 2015. I am proud of everything that was achieved. We saved jobs when things looked bleak and looked like we would have to do layoffs. In 2011 we got a fair contract done with our employees that was done in six months, we took steps to bring in new meters. In 2005 I started the program to make it free for people to park at our meters during the holidays. I am resigning after 16 years and four terms I am bored with politics. It’s time for someone new to step in and continue moving the parking authority forward. I stayed too long. I will focus on healing having lost my parents during the past year. I will focus more on writing my rock n roll column on, doing weekly show the metal summit every Wednesday at 9pm EST, and doing my shows on elements Media Network. 

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Angel Alamo

I am a journalist at BallBuster Music, Co-Host of The Metal Summit, Producer/Host of On the Road with Angel Alamo, The Movers & Shakers.

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