Interview with Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz

Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz is a lifelong resident of Perth Amboy running for her 3rd term to be Perth Amboy mayor. named her one of the 30 most influential women in New Jersey. She has kept busy revitalizing Perth Amboy and continuing the work she has set up to. I had the opportunity to meet Mayor Diaz and talk to her about her plans if elected to another term and her time in office so far.

Angel Alamo: What is easier running for election or running for re-election?

Mayor Wilda Diaz: Both of them are challenging because it is still an election. You still have to get your information out to the public.

AA: Growing up in Perth Amboy did you ever see yourself as a Mayor?

MWD: No I always saw myself as a businesswoman. The city is a business you have to run it as a business knowing it is other people’s money.

AA: What are your plans if elected to a 3rd term?
Continue with the redevelopment projects and revitalizing the city of Perth Amboy. I want to finish the projects that I have started with the construction and private investments. My ultimate goal is to develop areas that have not been developed in 20 years and bring with that construction and jobs to the city of Perth Amboy. I want to create good paying jobs that will support the economic structure of the city. Redevelopment is the most important thing.

AA: What has been your toughest challenge as Mayor?

MWD: 2008 dealing with the financial crisis left by the previous administration. We have tackled those issues we have gone from a city in financial distress to an A+ credit rating.

AA: A new high school is being built as a former student how does it feel to be able to be a part of it giving back to your alma mater.

MWD: I believe that every child in this city should have the best education possible. I am proud to see we will see a 200-million-dollar School built for Future Leaders.

AA: How will you make Perth Amboy a stronger Community if re-elected?

MWD: I work and partner with the business Community we have a working relationship for the betterment of the city everyone gives me ideas for the betterment of the city. It takes a village I can’t do it alone. Perth Amboy is a historic City I want everyone to know about Perth Amboy.

AA: Why should businesses come to Perth Amboy?

MWD: We are steadily located in the state of New Jersey we have the best transportation in the area all roads lead to Perth Amboy strategically in Central Jersey we are open to all facilities

AA: What advice would you give to the young leaders?

MWD: I would say follow your dreams work hard get involved and give back to your community.

AA: What has been the best part of your job?

MWD: Starting to see the development throughout the city and seeing all of the development. My Administration has been able to improve programs offered to the use we have balanced the budget and we are financially stable.


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