Some press like to work BS stories. Happy to report I am not one of them. I am a Motley Crue fan. Dr. Feelgood was the first record I ever bought. I saw them on tour with POISON. I had the pleasure of interview former singer John Corabi. When a BS story came out I knew it wasn’t true. Nikki Sixx has always been the main songwriter for the band. You have to believe the guy when he says no more records. In the last few years Motley Crue has done away with making records and chose to release a new song instead. As a fan I would not want Motley Crue getting back together. The band went out on top what more is there for them to prove. What made the last tour easier for the band was that it was the last tour who knows what goes on behind the scenes with Motley Crue getting along etc and who cares when they hit the stage they are the baddest band in the world.

I wish press would stop writing bad stories not good for the fans who wanted to see a album/tour happen and picking up BS stories. Let’s enjoy the memories, the music that made us love Motley Crue. Since we are talking about the band my memories of the band is seeing DR. Feelgood video on MTV and thinking it was the first record then as MTV played other videos from girls, girls, girls, theatre of pain, and shout at the devil. I discovered the other music and other records that they have made. Dr. Feelgood was my first record listened to it played drums along to it. My parents hated the band but I felt that made me cooler than my brothers. Tommy Lee was simply a drummer who wanted to make his mark and stand out playing the drums upside down no other drummer has done it or won’t do it. We can appreciate Mick Mars for how the bad ass that he is. He is the one member of the band who solidified them as the baddest band. Nikki Sixx one of the best songwriters in music. He should be in the songwriters hall of fame. Vince Neil will always be voice of motley crue and one of the best entertainers. Of course late Randy Castillo who kept the beat going when Tommy Lee quit. John Corabi give Motley Crue credit for what they did in 1994. They gave grunge the middle finger and made a GREAT record. It is ok to say MOTLEY CRUE 1994 record is a great record. I like both Vince Neil and John Corabi and happy they both have shared the stage together. They are both great in their own way.



Thank you for the memories.

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