Jani Lane: Song & dance man

Jani Lane the former lead singer from warrant was perhaps one of the most underrated talented songwriters of the 80’s hair metal genre. He is known as the Cherry Pie guy. The guy that wrote the song that was all over radio and MTV in 1990.

As a fan I really enjoy warrant’s whole catalog of music not just the cherry pie song. Janie Lane was a talented singer and songwriter on the first three albums he wrote all of the songs. He could play an acoustic guitar and sit at a piano and write a great song like I saw red.
The purpose of this blog is to simply give Jani Lane the recognition that he deserves not as the Cherry Pie guy but at the song and dance man. He was more about the songs than anything and if you listen to Warrant’s catalogs of songs you can clearly hear how talented he was. The first record I still love listening to a song like cold sweat a song that still sounds as good today as it did in 1989.

Cherry pie album is a great record there are better songs on the Cherry Pie album than cherry pie. Mr Rainmaker,bed of roses, love in stereo, song and dance man. The third record to listen to a song like bitter pill it takes talent to write a song like that I still love that song. Janie Lane  passed away four years ago but the band continues to play his songs and his legacy lives on. This is not to take anything away from the band because for Jani Lane to do the songs he needed the other four guys at the end of the day is not anything to take away from Jerry,Eric, Steven or Joey they are four talented musicians and it’s good that they are still performing and playing live because I still love those songs and I still want to hear them and they have a great lead singer Robert Mason who was also a friend of Jani Lane. I am glad that they got a singer like Robert Mason.

The songs are still great and the music is still fun to listen to not just for one song but the records that he made which became soundtrack to our lives. I loved listening to Love in stereo in my walkman.

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