Conversation with professional wrestler Roni Nicole

During a recent match. I had the chance to interview professional wrestler Roni “Big Bang” Nicole who put on an electrifying wrestling match that fans won’t forget. I had a chance to interview and see her wrestling match. She is loved by fans. After the event was over there were fans waiting to for a picture and autograph.

 Angel Alamo: Do you listen to any music before your wrestling match?

Roni Nicole: Music is such a huge part of my life. Growing up listening to the classics, funk, soul, ‘dad rock’, jazz, EVERYTHING!! In elementary, middle and high school band was my life, so music seamlessly transitioned into my pre-match ritual. I usually listen to music on the way to the venue in the car, because that gets me in ‘show mode’ , once I hit the venue it’s go time so music pre-arrival Is what gets my mind focused. Usually it’s something Techno/EDM/House to start and then I transition into rock or hip hop depending. I’m obsessed with Keys and Krates at present so theyare ALWAYS in the mix pre-show. 

AA: Is it hard eating healthy while on the road?

Roni: Dear GoodnessYES! It wasn’t until I started meal prepping that My diet on the road improved. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy because at every gas stop you’re flooded with terrible yet delicious choices!! Now, I prep my meals for the entire weekend and then eat 1 meal after the show on the road, keeping it close to what I’ve already prepared. It’s tempting but in order to perform at a high level? Your body HAS to be properly fueled. 

AA: Have you ever been injured during a match?

Roni:In professional wrestling it’s not IF you’ll get hurt it’s WHEN. My worst injury to date was in Japan, when I blew out my knee after a match facing Manami Toyota, Ayako Hamanda and Nanae Takahasi. The match was a dream come true and being hurt was absolutely devastating, however, I was fortunate enough that the World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana staff and wrestlers took such good care of me. I was able to have my knee treated in Japan so that I was ready for outpatient surgery in the states.

AA: You have a lot of charisma and have the audience cheering for you, is that something that comes with experience in working a crowd?

Roni: Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 Everything in professional wrestling in my experience requires just that, experience. It is such a multi-faceted business and even though we may be taught or trained for specific circumstances? Nothing matches the actual subjective experience that each person has when they actually engage in something. Just as with working out in the ring, it takes time to build that comfort, muscle memory and presence with performing in front of others. I’ve always been a performer and so being in front has always been a huge part of my life!

AA: What other place overseas would you like to wrestle?

Roni: I adore travel, I would love to wrestle in more countries in Africa, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, France… EVERYWHERE!!! I love experiencing other cultures and people, seeing how they live and love and experience their corner of our world. At the end of the day we are all people who hope and dream and cry and work and play and strive to be greater. Wrestling gives me the opportunity to share and experience what I love with my global family.

AA: Do you ever read the comments on YouTube about your matches?

Roni: My grandmother raised me to believe that what others think of you is not your business, and I’ve always kind of held true to that. Of course it’s hard not to get caught up in what people may say or think, but at the end of the day their opinion is theirs and theirs alone. I apply that to my YouTube only, some of the comments are more colorful of language and appropriateness so I choose not to engage. I love when my supporters reach out on my other social media, especially Twitter it makes me feel like I’m truly connected to those who follow me on this journey.

AA: What is the toughest part about traveling?

Roni: For me I love the road, but I do notice different challenges now that weren’t always noticeable. Most recently I’ve noticed the driving itself has become a little more challenging… Oh, and crazy gas prices!!

AA: Do you ever get recognized when you are out in public?

Roni: Not nearly as much here 😉 but when I’m overseas yes.

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