Interview with New York Guardians President Janet Duch

The XFL Team the New York Guardians is preparing to kick off the season on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at Metlife Stadium. I had a chance to talk to team President Janet Duch

Angel Alamo: what can fans expect for the upcoming XFL season?

Janet Duch: You know, I think for us right now, revealing the name and the look of the brand, we’re really focused on inviting fans to partner with us to help write our story. You know, we want to make the game affordable and we certainly want to bring fans closer to the action, both in stadium with behind-the-scenes access on social and digital, and you know, certainly with our broadcast partners. So for us really is about co-creating right now and really building up our campaign.

AA: How did the name, New York Guardians, how did the name come up?

JD: You know, it’s been a quite collaborative process amongst outside agencies and internal creative resources at the Stanford office, and the inspiration was drawn from numerous resources locally and nationally. I think the process was probably started nine, 10 months ago. So you know, there were a lot of design efforts that were leading the charge and certainly it’s quite typical of creative process and a brand process to start really wide and start to narrow down, and for us, we’re real proud of the name. We’re proud that the name is going to represent the spirit of this new team and certainly the region that we play for.

AA: With the partnership with the fans, will the XFL be like an experience where, for an example, fans can after the game meet the players or actually meet them at events throughout the season?

JD: We’re not ready to announce any specific details. We are working, again to bring fans closer to the games to have events out in the community. Certainly, you know if you’re a season ticket member, there will be opportunities to meet, the team. We’ll be doing events in the communities for players. So there’ll be lots of opportunities to connect our fan base with our players. I mean we’re eager to, once we have the draft in the late fall, certainly eager to introduce our players to their new fans.

AA: Who is coaching the New York Guardians?

Yes, Coach Kevin Gilbride was announced back in April along with myself. We actually did a joint announcement and he’s very familiar with the region. Fans are quite familiar with him. He certainly was a two time New York Giant Super Bowl champion and offensive coordinator.

AA: Wow. So it’s cool that you guys, again brought in somebody that is familiar with the New York football fan base.

JD:  Yeah, I mean, he’s familiar with this area certainly and sort of what fans are looking for and, I think based on the reaction of just being out in the community yesterday and around New York, and in New Jersey, he’s definitely received a warm reception for lots of fans.

AA: With having the XFL start right after the NFL season, is there any worry about football fatigue from people kind of having football right after the season?

JD: I certainly hope not. For me, all the research is pointing to fans want more football. Quite frankly, there seems to be a little bit of fume when the NFL season ends and the college season ends, so for us, we want the XFL to be about football and fun. We’re ready to kick off. The season will be 10 weeks and we’ll have five home games and five away games. 10 weeks, and then they’re split up in a championship game. We’re certainly looking to partner up with all sorts of partners, businesses in the community, partners in the community. Really want to make sure we get the awareness out. We want folks to know that tickets for MetLife Stadium will be affordable.

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