Interview with Mulan Blossom



Angel Alamo: How long have you been in the industry for?

 Mulan Blossom: Over nine years now.


Angel Alamo: What do you like to do in your free time?

  Mulan Blossom: I like to do make-up and masterbate.

Angel Alamo: How did you start in the business?

  Mulan Blossom: I have been a nudist for a while. When I saw how kinky it got, I knew I wanted to do things and do fetish model work.

Angel Alamo: Being in the adult industry does it make it more difficult to have a personal relationship?

 Mulan Blossom: Yes! Yes!


Angel Alamo: What is the toughest part about being in the industry?

 Mulan Blossom: Photographers that won’t get you somewhere.

Angel Alamo: What are your future plans?

 Mulan Blossom: To make a brand out of myself. I want to be the best and most unique girl in the industry.

Angel Alamo: What are the most annoying fan e-mails that you get?

  Mulan Blossom: Guys asking can I take you out. They e-mail me their fantasies. They don’t know that it is a business when the dating aspect sets confusion.




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Angel Alamo

I am a journalist at BallBuster Music, Co-Host of The Metal Summit, Producer/Host of On the Road with Angel Alamo, The Movers & Shakers.

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