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Vixen played an exciting eight song set at M3 festival Sunday may, 5, 2019 it was a mixture of covers and some of their songs from there earlier albums. The rain did not stop Vixen from rocking or the audience from enjoying their set after the band put on a great show and did a meet and greet with the fans I had the opportunity to sit down with all four members of the band and talk to them about the new lineup the band’s future plans.

It was exciting to be in the same room being a fan hearing off the lineup change and then being in a room with them it feels like they are a new band. If you walk into the room and meet them as a band without knowing that they are Vixen you would think that they are this brand new band that is just excited. The band is excited about the new lineup and moving forward with a new record I had the opportunity to talk to them and had a few laughs along the interview and that’s the energy that they bring.

Angel Alamo: How has the tour been going so far?

Vixen: Fantastic it has been going amazing. Where you at the show today?

AA: Yes it was awesome even with the rain and all.

Vixen: Can’t stop rock n roll. We are working on touring Australia, Japan, and everywhere. We want world domination.

AA: Will there be any new music from the band?

Vixen: That is happening already. We got a few things and a few tunes together. We hope to give to Lorraine. We want to have it out in 2020. We want it to happen organically. It will be classic Vixen the harmonies will be in there. We love Paul Stanley we saw KISS in LA. We would love for Paul Stanley to produce it. He was supposed to produce one of our records.

AA: What were your influences growing up?

Vixen: KISS, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Stones, Fanny. The first all-girl band. They are awesome way ahead of their time. Bret Favre (laughs)

AA: He should be a rocker. He is retired now.

AA: How did you end up writing with Richard Marx?

Vixen: Actually Allen Kovac set that up. Richard came to our show and he loved the band so we inspired him to write Edge of a broken heart. Then he came to rehearsal and we put it together in rehearsal.

AA: Was there any concern back then that you had a pop star writing a song for you?

Vixen: No because he is a great songwriter a great song is a great song. We had lyrics written by Fee Waybill and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

AA: It seems like there seems to be a renewed energy in the band with the new lead singer Lorraine Lewis. It kinds of feel like you are a new band now. What has the reaction been in the short time?

Vixen: That’s interesting. It is kind of like a new band like vixen 2.0. It’s a new fire. We worked with Lorraine before. We have a history with her. We are very comfortable with her. This is family. It’s not someone you have never heard of from wherever. They are like Oh! It’s Lorraine. It was fairly easy. It wasn’t a stretch. We are 80’s girls we love rock n roll. People know that it is obvious it is contagious we are having a blast it is contagious they see us laughing and having fun on stage they are laughing and having fun they will make comments. We are having a blast. We are having a great time.

Lorraine: I feel so honored and so lucky. I love the songs for sure. These girls bring it to a whole other level of badassery. They are fueled different and it feels so good. I am honored and grateful.

How do you put together the setlist?

Vixen: That’s Roxy’s job. I will get a text message. She sends a text message.

Roxy: You what I get their input. What do you think of these depending if we are doing a 40(minute), 50 (minute), 60 (minute) or 90 (minute) set.

AA: So u don’t pay attention to fans who say oh why didn’t you do this song or that song?

We have done a lot of songs that people have requested over the years that did go over or didn’t go over well. We have been honing that more and more. Sometimes people have requested certain songs and we have tried them out for a year or two years then we kind of went well maybe not.

AA: The 30th year anniversary of rev it up is coming up next year will the band do anything special?

Vixen: Thanks for reminding us! (Laughs) I am kidding

AA: (laughs) I’m going to get killed.

Vixen: It’s a number what was the question

AA: Will you do a 30th anniversary tour of rev It Up

Vixen: We could do that. Yes we could totally do that like a set of dates where we do it. That’s a cool idea. I like that idea. Rev It Up 2020. We can go for that whole race theme formula one. We are going to stick with some sort of race theme formula one #hashtag vixen formula one. Formula one needs a new theme song. We are just putting it out there.

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