Interview with Bo Blaze



Bo Blaze is an Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Certified Life Coach specializing in Alternative Lifestyles of all kinds.

He is PCC Certified by the International Coach Federation and a CVCC Certified Graduate of The Center for Coaching Mastery. He is also the arthur of 50 shades of curious.

Angel Alamo: How did you get started in the business?

Bo Blaze: I ran a novice group in New York for 13 years. Working with novice is a passion. I had written a book for novice called 50 shades of curious: BDSM for beginners.
Angel Alamo: Has the movie 50 shades of grey made people curious about bdsm world?

Bo Blaze: It has made people more curious. It helped to mysdify the bdsm world. There are a lot of inacurricies. It is not a manual on how to do bdsm properly. It’s a romance novel, as long as you realize that it is fun. It’s great to help expose.

Angel Alamo: Do you travel a lot
Bo Blaze:I travel and do classes a lot on the east coast.
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