Conversation with XYZ bassist Pat Fointaine

XYZ gave M3 fans twice the fun while performing on day 3 of the M3 Festival. The band performed a small set for fans at the after party event at the Sheraton and then peformed at M3 festival on Sunday afternoon giving fans a 30 minute set that left them hoping they could keep playing … Continue reading Conversation with XYZ bassist Pat Fointaine


Vixen Interview

Vixen played an exciting eight song set at M3 festival Sunday may, 5, 2019 it was a mixture of covers and some of their songs from there earlier albums. The rain did not stop Vixen from rocking or the audience from enjoying their set after the band put on a great show and did a … Continue reading Vixen Interview

Capitol Wrestling 2nd Anniversary

Capitol wrestling celebrated its second birthday in a very big way on Sunday April 7th 2019. Capitol wrestling broad great Wrestling entertainment to Ridgefield Park New Jersey and if you were there you were not disappointed and if you didn't show up you need to do yourself a favor check out the next event buy … Continue reading Capitol Wrestling 2nd Anniversary

Darryl Hall and John Oates Live Review

Darryl Hall and John Oates brought their eight-piece band to Atlantic City Hard Rock Casino for an electrifying sold-out show that didn’t disappoint.  Darryl Hall and John Oates played to a sold-out show that consisted of people of all ages. Hall and Oates played a 14 song set with a mixture of hits and other … Continue reading Darryl Hall and John Oates Live Review

Tyketto Michael Clayton Interview

  For 30 years, Tyketto’s life is like a Rocky story. A band that has been knocked down, gotten back up, and refuses to give up. They are the band that are still rocking with no signs of slowing down. Tyketto (Danny Vaughn-Vocals, Chris Green-Guitar, Greg Smith-bass, Michael Clayton-drums, Ged Rylands-keyboards) have had a busy … Continue reading Tyketto Michael Clayton Interview

Tyketto Interview M3 Festival

Angel Alamo: What has the band been up to lately? Danny Vaughn: It’s a bit of a quiet year for us. We have a couple of major things coming up with the festivals in June. One in Switzerland one in London. We are doing something we have never done before which is we are filming a … Continue reading Tyketto Interview M3 Festival

Queensryche Interview M3 Festival

  I was able to talk with M3 festival headliners Queensryche (Todd LaTorre & Michael Wilton) before hitting the stage. Angel Alamo: How is the new album coming along?   Todd La Torre: It’s going well actually; it is in the mixing stages right now. AA: How is playing at the M3 festival different from some … Continue reading Queensryche Interview M3 Festival