Rock N Rock is alive how to keep it that way

Gene Simmons said that rock ‘n’ roll is dead and he brought many different opinions from his peers and fans alike. MTV, the Grammys and the other award shows for years have ignored rock ‘n’ roll. That’s fine. Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas priest or never on the radio but today they can sell out any arena or stadium in the world and that says a lot. 

Well the headline was rock ‘n’ roll is dead let’s examine the meaning behind the headline. What Gene Simmons was saying and that it remains true that to keep rock ‘n roll music alive we have to support the bands definition of supporting a band is buying a CD buying a ticket buying merchandise and coming out to support them. 

If you start a restaurant And everyone comes in and eats for free you are going to be out of business soon because you have to pay the chef ,the waiters and the bartenders. The best way to support vans is buying their merchandise, bring someone to the show with you. They may end up liking or not liking the band. 

Rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well as long as bands are putting on shows and putting out great music which there is a lot of great music out.Let’s mention what bands go through just to put on a show: rehearsing the songs, coming up with the set list, money for gas, paying for the roadies, getting the equipment together and bringing it into the venue making sure everything is working, paying to get the merchandise made and having it get delivered. It’s all done for the fans to come to the show and have a good time for the venue to make money. Do what you can to promote music if you have a friend or relative who has a birthday coming up consider buying them merchandise of their favorite artist. 

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Trixter Human Era album release party at Stanhope House Stanhope, NJ

TRIXTER treated their fans to a sneak peak at their upcoming album Human Era coming out on June 9, 2015. The sneak peek indicates Human Era is a rock album worth buying and listening to. Trixter played a 12 song set.

TRIXTER still has all four of the original members of the band. They still love each other as brothers and still enjoy making music together. It’s a special bond that they have. You can see it in their live performances. They are the band you root for because they still love the fans and know how to put on a great rock show. The band kicked off their set with the new single from Human Era rockin’ to the edge of the night. This was the first time they have ever played the song live. The song works well live with the audience. The band played Play Rough from their debut album. The band was in top form. Steve Brown was all over the stage playing his guitar as if there is no tomorrow which he has always done. Road of a thousand dreams from their 2nd album Hear was a good treat for the fans. One in a million was next as P.J. Farley still sounds as good as ever on bass. Heart of steel and rocking horse was next. The band was having a good time playing and playfully picking on drummer Mark Scott who took it all in stride. The band went into singing happy birthday to Mark Scott (his birthday was on May 1). The band slowed the party for a moment as they went into their hit song from their debut album Surrender. The band played the song live a bit faster. The song really showcases how good Pete’s voice still sounds after all of these years. Machine from their 2012 album New Audio Machine was played next. It looks like the audience was familiar with the audience. Bad girl from their debut album had the crowd going. Mark Scott sounded like thunder on the drums adding more drum fills at the end of the song. Tattoo and Misery and Line of fire were performed next. The band ended the evening with the song that started all and out Trixter on the map Give it to me good.

The show was a great show. The band was having fun and celebrating 25 years ago. They are great live band. I recommend people come out check out their live show. It is worth checking out.