Van Halen why can’t this be love

                     The last 20 years have been hard for Van Halen fans the band has only done two studio albums  and five music tours.  it’s hard to pinpoint what goes on behind the scenes with Van Halen and how they work.  The band is approaching 40 years since they released their first studio album so it’s hard to predict what the future will be for Van Halen what the next thing is for the band.

                  We know that the band has it in them to put out more records if they decide to and when they tour everybody is going to go see them.  Sammy Hagar said he would be willing to do a tour with them with David Lee Roth that would be an awesome thing to see.

              At this point in life we are all over who’s better David or Sammy I think at this point we can appreciate Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth and what they have contributed to Van Halen.

              What I appreciate and respect about Van Halen when it came time to replace David Lee Roth they did not go out and try to get somebody who will be a copycat they went out and got somebody that was completely different.

              David Lee Roth he’s the frontman he’s the one that throws the party at a Van Halen concert.  He is known more of an Entertainer than a singer or songwriter.  Sammy Hagar is more of a singer-songwriter and maybe that is what helped continue Van Halen was that they showed that they are musicians, it’s not taking anything away from David or Sammy but just showing just how different these two individuals are and how they still continue to make Van Halen a great band.  The saddest thing about Van Halen that’s how they’re not able to get along again we don’t know what happens behind the scenes we don’t know if Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth hang out or what they do behind the scenes when they are off tour but it would be a good thing for Van Halen to do something next year a studio album or a tour because again we never know what’s going to happen in life illness or death in the band so while all these guys are healthy living it would be good to see them tour.

                     What is cool about Van Halen they’re still a great live band even to this day I think I’m not speaking for myself but I think the fans in general would love to see a tour with either David lee Roth, Michael Anthony Eddie and Alex Van Halen or see a tour with both lead singers.  I do wish that Eddie Van Halen or just simply say let’s do something special for the fans let me reach out to Sammy and David and see if this tour can happen. They’re not 20 anymore they’re not 30 I’m pretty sure that whatever issues they had they can try to bury the hatchet.  We know that a lot of the classic rock bands now they don’t travel together they have their own tour buses for example Motley Crue they traveled on four different buses and would work for Van Halen.

               As much as I would love to see something happen to next year I really don’t think it is going to happen.  I think that there will be another Van Halen tour but we just don’t know when and we don’t know how the tour will be. I think that is why people really go out and see them when they tore because they don’t know if this is going to be the last tour.

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