Tilted goes Full Speed Ahead

Tilted will be having a record release party on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at Brighton Bar 121 Brighton Avenue Long Branch, NJ 07740 show starts at 7pm. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online https://tilted.ticketleap.com/?fbclid=IwAR34kBgCI6i-ZMahbHE_7FDKAeqcKcQxbsVZSC5bkVayFtwgToMXF5KzLO4

Angel: Who produced the album Full Speed Ahead?  

 Tilted: The new album FULL SPEED AHEAD, while mixed and mastered at 2 well known recording studios in New Jersey,  was actually produced by TILTED aka TILTED Productions.

Angel: How did the band come up with the name of the record? 

Tilted: After we did our EP a couple of years back, we were at the TILTED studio talking about many things we would like to do.  We had some personnel changes and after that one of us said once we solidify the new unit, it’s FULL SPEED AHEAD. And we said, what a great album title!!! We were discussing doing a new album also.

Angel: How did the band come up with the songs for the album?  

Tilted: Most of the songs we have had completed for quite some time and play them live. We knew we had good material to do a new album with these great rock songs.  One song happened to be one we had for years but never saw the light of day in any aspect and that is on the album and it is called “This is the 1st Day”

Angel: Are there any outtakes from the album?

Tilted:  Close!! 2 tracks are bonus tracks called “Rock & Roll Show” and “Stalk-Her” that were pretty much live and one take in the studio. These also happen to be some of the 1st songs we ever written and are still fan favorites. I like the feel of them on the album.

Angel: What are the band plans to promote the album?

Tilted:  We do a lot of social media promotion. The album can be purchased on CD and most of the known online media outlets (Apple, Itunes, Google Play, Amazon music, Spotify) We plan on doing a number of shows. We were showcased as the Jersey Rock Band of the week on 95.9fm WRAT The Rat on 9/3, 9/4, and 9/5 at 1130pm.  1 tune per night from the album was  played.  

Angel: How was it opening for Ace Frehley? 

Tilted: For me personally, it was a dream come true. Many know I am a huge KISS fan for over 40 years. If someone would have told me in 1978 when I was 7 with KISS on my walls that one day I would be sharing the stage with Ace Frehley, I would have said you were nuts.  But things happen!!  It was a definite highlight for sure!  The band was pumped up and we killed it that night.  KISS is without question my biggest influence.

Angel: Would the band ever do a cover song for an album? 

Tilted: Never say never but unlikely. 

Angel: How did the songs come together? 

Tilted:  They typically either come from a lyric idea or a guitar riff. We then start humming/strumming what we may think the direction could or should go. We tend to record bits and pieces and go back and forth.  We try to stick to a formula that works for us with hopes of having a good hook and chorus.

Angel: Any plans for the band to tour behind the record?

 Tilted: Yes, and will try to stick to good quality shows. We plan on a CD release party as well. Trying to line up the time and place.

Angel: What has been the best advice the band has gotten?

Tilted: We have gotten some good advice over the years from friends, family, and fans of the band.  One of the things that comes to mind is make sure you have fun and do what you feel is great for the band and everything else will fall in place. Yes, take it serious but having fun is important. People tell us when they see us live that it is clear we look like we are having a ball on stage. 

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