Interview with Raquel Love

Interview with Raquel Love


Angel Alamo: How long have you been in the industry for?

Raquel Love: I have been in the industry for three years now.


Angel Alamo: What do you like to do in your free time?

Raquel Love:  I like to play video games and read books


Angel Alamo: How did you start in the business?

Raquel Love:  My boyfriend, he got me into the business.



Angel Alamo: Is the internet porn’s friend or enemy?

Raquel Love: That is a tough question, I would say both.



Angel Alamo: What is the toughest part about being in the industry?

Raquel Love:  Being a webcam model. My income is greatly dependent on other people.


Angel Alamo: What are your future plans for next year?

Raquel Love:  I plan to build my own website soon.


Angel Alamo: What are the most annoying fan e-mails that you get?

Raquel Love:  When they send videos or pictures of their penis saying hi.


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