Preview 7th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival

The most wonderful time in Indie films is upon us once again. It’s the 7th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival which will be taking place from April 26, 2016 to May 1, 2016. A celebration of filmmaking. There is a film for everybody. What every film lover can appreciate about the independent film festival is that it’s not about the Blockbuster movie or the movie star. It is just about the art of filmmaking and acting. The independent film festival is about bring the fans and filmmakers together once again. The film festival it’s also a great way for filmmakers to come and learn something new that they can use for their next film project. I had the opportunity to talk to the founder of the New York City independent film festival Dennis Cieri.


Angel Alamo: How did you come up with the idea for the film festival?


Dennis Cieri: I have been making films ever since I was 16 years old. I was working In the corporate world making films. I left the corporate world to make films full time. In 2009 I started working on Films all of the time.  They started small. Film festivals always start out small but when they get star power all of the indie films get walked over. I wanted  the film festival to focus on the indie films and make it about them. Give them the attention, the pictures taken, the spotlight.


AA: Did you expect the film festival to grow into what it is now when you started it 5 years ago?


DC: The film festival is in its 7th year. I am very happy with the way it has turned out. Last year the film festival had over 150 filmmakers from around the world. It is more than the filmmakers. It is the directors, the finance people, the actors. It will be the same thing this year. We are expecting over 150 filmmakers.


AA: What can fans expect from the film festival this year?


DC: Fans can expect seminars on how to get financing, how to get distribution, what to look out for. Fans can expect discussion groups and over 255 films that will be shown during the film festival. They are incredible great movies. They are different ideas for the art of the movies. It is a good way for the fans to get to know the filmmakers. They are sitting in the audience they will get to ask questions to the filmmakers. It’s a great interaction with fans and filmmakers. We build a community between films and fans.  It’s good for the filmmakers to hear what the fans think.


AA: Are short films becoming more popular now with social media?


DC: There is a certain truth with the attention span. There is a great deal of short films. Sometimes there is not enough information or interest. Filmmakers start out that way they start out by making short films. The general idea is that the films are short and sweet.


AA:  How can an aspiring filmmakers submit their work?


Submissions will start on May 2nd 2016 people can start applying for next year

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